Creating Manufacturing Operations Outside Of The United States Of America

Creating Manufacturing Operations Outside Of The United States Of America

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This paper explores the pros and cons of creating manufacturing operations outside of the United States of America. It elucidates on the requirements of implementation of Global Business Strategies and the importance of multicultural and diverse workplace understanding. The adaptation of transitional business organizations that require approaches and systems that allow for dynamic systems that permit variations of diversity between countries in the various forms of diversity between countries, races and or ethnic groups. It elucidates the importance for leadership to understand the issues when dealing with foreign owned or managing foreign facilities and its human resources.

In this global business environment doing business in a foreign country is imperative for organizations seeking business expansion, new consumer market potential, cost effective fabrication, nonetheless, whatever the economic motive that influences the driving cause, there remain forceful fundamental aspects that contribute or rule the decision making process, whether selecting a business in a certain nation or opening new manufacturing operations abroad, we must consider political influences, technological factors, social dissimilarities, social rules and norms of the country.
Accordingly, an American organization doing business abroad must implement programs that oblige cultural diversity education or at a minimum, provide the basic training for critical thinking and best practices when working with different cultures, the employee / manager must not be left to fend information for his / her self. According to Bucher, R. D.,
In many instances, diversity issues are dealt with superficially or treated as an afterthought. One common assumpti...

... middle of paper ... a duty to try to drink or at least accompany them for drinks. “Making time to interact socially outside of the workplace will go very far in building the right relationships for future business” (Social Interaction. n.d.).
Employee criticism, every employee or manager needs performance feedback. Part of giving positive and negative feedback is knowing how to deliver the information in a way that is impartial and transparent devoid of offending the manager or employee that may not be familiar with direct advice and in turn may not be capable of saving face. In these circumstances, feedback must be based on job performance, it is vital to effectively and honestly provide an unbiased review. In order to be successful in this impartial review an organization must reinforce the job description’s key factors and promote obtainable professional objectives and progresses.

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