Creating Ethics Into Everyday Decisions Essay

Creating Ethics Into Everyday Decisions Essay

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Incorporating ethics into everyday decisions in the business world can greatly reduce the scandalous behavior that has as of late has run ramped. Obviously, we have seen the results and consequences of business conducted absent any moral or ethical boundaries. When decisions are made without the consultation of ethics there is no direction from the moral compass and surely consequences will follow. Choices contemplated by managers may often seem difficult, but assessing the options against ethics can assist the manager in making the best decision.
Bird & Waters suggest that once the options or choices are evaluated against moral standards the balance between right and wrong become clear. Managers are often burdened by this because it adds yet another criteria on to a laundry list of others. Corporate will give managers expectations to cut manning, while increasing productivity, and overall profit. These expectations individually are not difficult, but when all three are required the choices become very difficult. Add the moral dilemma into the mix and it is nearly impossible for a manager to meet every criterion while staying within moral standards (Bird & Waters, 1989). As a result managers will opt for what they think is best for the company or themselves from a purely business point of view and allow ethical considerations to fall the way side. To be truly successful a manager must learn to balance between corporate expectations and ethical behavior.
Balance between the profit maximizing motivation and ethical obligations must be found if the institution of a public company is to survive. Smith writes that "society may subsist among different men, as among different merchants, from a sense of its own utility, without ...

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...disposal. Currently, the majority of them do not have either.
Hooker provides tools for managers to guide their decision making process and evaluate the options against ethical rationale. Managers that employ the generalization, utilitarian, and virtue ethics tests will uncover the most ethical choice. This is helpful not only for the manager, but also for future generations (Hooker, 2011).
Cohorts for future generations bring the ethical layer to business and continually press for businesses to look past just increasing profit. These advocates put light on the issues currently transpiring in the corporate world right now. We as a generation of leaders and managers must contemplate the actions we take and the impact insinuated to future generations. Our sole motivation cannot logically be for immediate results regardless of any future consequences. (Sen, 1993).

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