Creating Culturally Responsive Learning Environments And Practices Essay

Creating Culturally Responsive Learning Environments And Practices Essay

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Educators must focus on creating culturally responsive learning environments and practices to prepare all students for success in the 21st century. This responsibility requires teachers to recognize the cultural, linguistic, and gender differences among students to promote effective communication, build collaborative relationships, and tailor instruction that supports learning.
To accomplish this goal, one must examine his or her personal values or belief systems to eliminate any bias aimed towards any particular group (Dray, & Wisneski, 2011). This self-examination is critical because it can impede one’s ability to understand students who behave differently as a result of his or her cultural and linguistic backgrounds. For example, educators may make inappropriate placement decisions based on these false assumptions.
These educational interpretations can lead to devastating and long-lasting consequences for the various cultural, linguistic, and gender-based students. They contribute to the overrepresentation of referrals to special education and a disproportionate underachievement for some categories of students (Cartledge & Kourea, 2008). Additionally, these prejudicial beliefs inhibit and limit the academic potential of the culturally diverse population because his or her needs do not receive the appropriate interventions or direct instruction required. This leads to an inequality of educational opportunities that is preventable when students have access to a culturally responsive learning environment and teaching practices.
Educators also face other challenges such as miscommunication between students, and families in and outside of classrooms (Ford, Stuart, & Vakil, 2014). The lack of effective communication between t...

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...hed environments contribute to the positive feelings students’ may have about their self-worth in their learning environment (Montgomery, 2001). It is also important to embrace reading materials that highlight the struggles and triumphs of individuals with disabilities (Montgomery, 2001). These literacy materials can include inspirational or notable figures such as Helen Keller, Franklin Roosevelt, or Stevie Wonder.
Lastly, it is essential to develop cooperative learning groups within the educational setting. Promoting this kind of social interaction offers opportunities for students to improve language skills, share ideas, and form friendships with peers (Montgomery, 2001). Most importantly, students learn how to behave and work with a variety of genders and cultures. These social skills will provide the tools they need to achieve future success in the workplace.

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