Creating Connections With Music And Music Essay

Creating Connections With Music And Music Essay

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Creating Connections With Music
Music is more than beautiful words put together. I have always found a strong connection to the lyrics of a song. Listening to music that I can relate to allows me to de-stress myself, concentrate, and gives me motivation. We’ve all had a heartbreak which resulted to having a playlist made of pop artist Adele. Music can help us cope with the struggles we face in life. I’ve always been a believer that the last song you hear on your way to work/ school will determine your mood for the day. Music is a form of art, it is a communication, and therefore many people make connections to the lyrics of a song. Music is remembering how things once were, where you want thing to be directed, and music is a form of self expression.
When listening to music you can create whatever idea you want with the lyrics. Every person may have their own interpretation when listening to a song but someway we can all connect to music. With music you are allowed to make connections and unravel the thoughts in your sub conscious. Throughout my life I’ve made strong connections with songs; experiencing bad breakups, the issues in society, and music has also allowed me to find tranquility while studying. Music is not solely restricted to words, it can be piano, bass, violin and any other instrumentals. I’ve been told I’m a pretty expressive person; I wear my emotions on my face. Although I am a very self expressive person, I often find myself struggling trying to make sense of my words in order to express my feelings.
I believe that the lyrics of a song are unspoken thoughts. When our words fail, music serves to express our feelings. I’ve made a connection with the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Andra Day is vocalizing/ expres...

... middle of paper ... is many problems that can be going on in my life but I have to grow as a person and overcome them in order to find happiness.
Music is more than just entertainment. Through music you can create a beautiful connection. I have heard music from the moment I was in my mother’s belly. Music has always been a part of my life. Music is beyond beautiful words that rhyme. As I started growing up I began to understand the metaphorical lyrics. Many artist express their personal life through music and that is why they build such strong connections with their fans. Not everyone can concentrate with music but I know that I can. Music allows me to escape to calm place in my state of mind when I’m studying. The Piano Guys have allowed me to stay focused while studying for exams. When I feel in such a negative place in my life I can rely on music to create a close connection.

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