Creating Balance Of Family Time Essay

Creating Balance Of Family Time Essay

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Finding that intricate balance of family time in the midst of Chaos.
Dinner, homework, friends, after school activities, yard work, laundry, car pool, bath time, and on top of it all our jobs and relationships. How do we make quality time with all four of our children individually and as a family in the midst of all this chaos? In this complicated, technologically advanced world, finding those treasured pieces of time for family and one on one interaction with your children is a challenge that we all face and have to somehow overcome if we are to succeed as a family unit. There are on average 940 Saturdays in a child’s life from the time a mother gives birth until that child leaves for college; sounds like a lot but not managed correctly that time slips away as does the sand in an hour glass, now you see it now you don’t. Don’t worry about the how many minutes you spend with your child rather make the ones you do have memorable moments. This carries throughout the child’s life with you; as well as, when they are out of the house and on their own starting their families and raising your grandchildren hopefully.
Raising children is always a challenge but if you’re able to set the ground rules early enough the journey can be much easier. Oh what a joy, you just brought that beautiful bundle of joy home for the first time and everything is new. Spending quality time is not hard here but as they grow the challenges begin. Your day is full of work and house work and the little one seem to always be under foot. Taking time out to pull the little one up on your lap and read a story is great for the one on one interaction and it sets time for them to begin to learn that there is quality alone time they have to learn, roam the house, watch ...

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...hire all teenagers while they still knew everything. Family time still maintained its importance it simply switched from fun and games to communication and advice.
Quality family time holds the key too many doors and is not something that is important only threw the growing years, I now have three grown children that have lives of their own so in order to have quality time with them; which the still desperately need, I have to be the one to initiate it but as they have told me they still need and appreciate that quality time and have initiated the same rules in their families. So the same follows Dinner, homework, friends, after school activities, yard work, laundry, car pool, bath time, and on top of it all their jobs and relationships. Without the struggles we faced to instill quality family time how are they going to make quality time with their family a priority?

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