Creating and Maintaining High Performance Work Environment Essay

Creating and Maintaining High Performance Work Environment Essay

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Creating and Maintaining High Performance Work Environment
Using the Baldrige National Quality Organizational Profile Chart which addresses key practices in a health care organization that provides services to people, the chart helps organizations to understand performance management (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Every supervisor’s job is to recognize what stage the employee is currently at, and to assist and encourage them to progress along the corporate ladder to their highest level.
Reducing Employee Turnover
A good manager reduces unwanted employee turnover and the high cost of recruiting, hiring, and training new staff by moving these costs from hiring new employees to keeping and developing experienced ones. For example, at Compass, Inc., part of the Residential Coordinator’s job to motivate the employees so productivity can be increased by providing opportunities for career development and the same time providing quality care (Lighter & Fair, 2004). Other motivating techniques, such as delegating responsibilities and shared decision-making are also very important in the workforce environment.
Steps to reducing employee turnover
According to Nash & Poling (2009), it is important for an organization to hire the right people and this can be done with the help of the Human Resource department. An investment in upgrading the workforce is one of the best investments an organization can make when looking at long-term growth. Hiring the people that are a good fit within the culture of the organization means that their values, principles, and goals clearly coincide with those of the organization. In return, the organization should invest in training...

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