Creating an Inclusive Society in Ghana Essay

Creating an Inclusive Society in Ghana Essay

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The zenith of a third world country escaping its economical tag is expressed nowhere as clearly as the sub-Saharan African member, Ghana. The once chosen heart of Africa’s gold, formerly known as Gold Coast of the British African Colonies, gained its independence on the 6th of March with its visionary autocrat Dr.Kwame Nkrumah. The shifting of political seats and their contesting ideologies to government rule has led the country to remain in economical battles fifty seven years after its independence. The country at this moment is seated at the Middle income row of nations according to World Bank classification dated July 1, 2011. (worlbank, n.d.)
“The idea of a Good Society is based on democracy, community and pluralism. It is democratic because only the free participation of every citizen can guarantee true freedom and progress. The Good Society is based on a community approach because it recognizes our mutual interdependencies and joint interests. And it is pluralistic because it draws vitality out of the diversity of political institutions, economic activities and cultural identities.” (Meyer, 2014)
The good society is a utopian vision the gathered masses of people all over the world with roots together in respective different cultures have all aimed and aspired to achieve. The concept of this better society is lustful to political leaders due to the idea of economical wealth with social wealth;comprising of the happiness and comfortability of the people, spirituality and values of the people also at par with the economic satisfaction of the people. “Economics without Buddhism, i.e. without spiritual, human, and ecological values is like sex without love” (Schumacher, 1973). But only a few have been able to go as far as clo...

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