Creating An Authentic Personal Brand Essay

Creating An Authentic Personal Brand Essay

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When speaker Brené Brown was about to give a talk, the event coordinator struggled with calling her a “researcher,” saying that people might not want to come because they would think she was “boring and irrelevant.” Instead, she wanted to call her a “storyteller” since she thought Brene´Brown’s story-telling abilities were a highpoint. Brown’s academic insecurity was not satisfied in simply being called a “storyteller.” She decided her qualitative research was, in actuality, collecting stories and concluded, stories, were “data with a soul.” She then embraced the title “Researcher-Story-teller,” which combined her unique abilities (Brown, 2010). Building our own personal brand is a combination of strengths; its “what makes us exceptional and what makes us stand out?” (Arruda, n.d.). Creating an authentic personal brand, using communication strategies, is a significant outcome for a student who intends on mastering the communication discipline.
Importance of a Personal Brand
William Aruda says your brand is, “A unique promise of value” (Aruda, n.d.). He also talks about effective branding being based in authenticity. He advocates being ourselves, saying we are at our most confident when we are being our true selves. “One of the greatest joys of human existence is to find your true place,” says author, Brian Tracy (Tracy, 2012). Allowing ourselves to be who we were meant to be helps us synchronize our wants, needs and purpose. Walking in our purpose translates into value for those we serve.
Increasing awareness of a personal and unique identity distinguishes us from the pack. A brand mantra differs from a tagline, explains Guy Kawasaki, as a mantra describes internal business, a standard for a company to abide by....

... middle of paper ...

...peating or stating information.
At this point, the passion is greater than the skill in order to walk in the role of educator; however, the determination is the same strength that has pushed me towards every other goal accomplished.
I have experienced operating in my authentic self. I know what it is like to love something so much that I would do it without pay. I had found my “true place” as I worked with clients to achieve their personal brand by listening and being interested in their message. I still do that. The same kind of passion I have had in my other occupation exists in my future endeavors. My natural strengths are to connect with people, to pick out the small details that point to their own unique gifts and encourage them to grow in that. Continuing to master the communication discipline will be the conduit for pursuing that new dream.

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