Creating An Anti Bullying Culture Essay

Creating An Anti Bullying Culture Essay

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Jones, J. R., & Augustine, S. M. (2015). Creating an anti-bullying culture in secondary
schools: characterists to consider when constructing appropriate anti-bullying programs. American Secondary Education, 43(3), 73-83.

Although bullying has happened for a while, it is now getting major attention from our culture. Recently more schools and research companies are looking at ways that bullying can be stopped because it is becoming more prevalent in today’s world. Many of the reasons for increased attention to the prevention of bullying are because of instances like Columbine and other horrific events. Jones and Augustine bring up the fact that there have been 20% of students that have been bullied by their friends (p. 2). The difference between cyber-bullying and traditional bullying is that in cyber-bullying the bully is typically anonymous. There is also very little that the school can do to stop cyber-bullying, but that does not mean that the results are not detrimental to the victim. The results of the two common types of bullying are found to be the same. School systems need to be aware of the things taking place in their schools, but they also need to be willing to put a stop to them. According to Jones and Augustine, some of the ways to prevent bullying are by creating an empathetic environment, having community involvement, preparing school staff, and bullying must be defined in a clear way (pp. 5-8). Empathy needs to be taught in school, so that students understand how bullying affects the victims. By teaching empathy, it may lower the bullying rate in schools because students who are empathic are able to relate to the feelings of others. Community involvement is crucial to help prevent bullying because it allows every...

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...l bullying, so it is sometimes hard to determine the severity of the two forms of bullying. The reason for the overlap in negative consequences is probably due to the fact that these forms overlap in occurrence (p. 2). The breakdown between the two is the use of technology with cyber-bullying, which leads people to the conclusion that since technology is everywhere then cyber-bullying is worse than traditional bullying. After looking at research that has been conducted, “public cyberbullying was found to be the scenario that adolescents perceive as most severe, closely followed by public traditional bullying (p. 8). The positive correlation between the two is the fear of destroying the victim’s reputation or social status. Although there is a spilt based on research, most people would consider cyber-bullying to be worse because the victim cannot escape the bully.

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