Creating Adolescent Oppressors Essay

Creating Adolescent Oppressors Essay

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Domestic violence occurs everyday. It seems as though it is a natural occurring phenomenon in our lives. Looking toward the youth, domestic violence can lead to major problems in their lives. Their choices and feelings in the world can be formed and revolved around the effects of domestic violence. Although they are young, innocent individuals, middle school children have the potential to become monsters if violence occurs often in their lives. It is simple really. If they can get hurt by people, why can't they hurt other people? This way of contemplating can result in the creation of a bully. Can domestic violence turn our kids into young oppressors? Furthermore, parents and guardians are unconditionally responsible for the well-being of their child. Believing that it is alright to abuse their children is absurd.

In a household, some things do not leave the front door. Or do they? Parents are the superior power at home. Children have to comply with their parents rules and guidelines. Of course, children make mistakes and discipline is a must have. However, when parents start to abuse them, adolescents may react indescribably. Young teens may think they deserve this kind of punishment or feel as though they can not do anything about it because they are inferior to their parents. According to the journal America: Home Violence by John Crehn, “Domestic violence can soon leak into the outside world by corrupt behavior exploitations from the individual exposed to the violence.”(Crehn) Although it may only occur in the household, children still carry the effects of domestic violence everywhere they go. Entering their middle school, youth could begin to illustrate signs of rebellion and misconduct. This may lead them to feel superio...

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...heir life then and later on will be saved with the non-presence of domestic violence. Is abusing a child the appropriate way for adults to deal with their everyday stress? Just like everyone else, children are people too and they should be taken care of; they are our future after all. Turning them into bullies will only lead to corruption.

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