Creating a Sustainable Society Essay

Creating a Sustainable Society Essay

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In today’s global economy, sustainability has developed into a significant part of life because it symbolizes how a society can retain their current use of resources without having them run out. In order for us to continue to appreciate the quality of life, we must meet supply and demand without destroying the environment for future generations. “A sustainable society is one that has learned to live within the boundaries established by ecological limits” (Sustainability refers, 2007). Sustainability has also influenced the triple bottom line of fish farming by providing economic, social, and environmental benefits. For instance, economic profits allow businesses to keep up a competitive market when selling seafood. Secondly, everyone who is involved socially ends up benefiting from the resources in a positive way, which allows markets to provide quality products to be sold for distribution. Finally, the environment and oceans are protected from contamination, in order to keep such valuable resources from disappearing because without them the cycle could easily be broken. Furthermore, aquaculture in today’s global economy is affected by production, distribution, and consumption of products.

As societies craving for seafood increases, it has also lead to a decrease in the population of fish stocks in the ocean. In order to keep up with demand, fish farming has come to be a popular alternative for industries. Production, being the first part, is the creation and reproduction of goods like food, tools and other artifact together with the knowledge involved in making and using them. For example, fish are being kept in cages or nets that allow them to breed at a quicker rate versus being out in the wild. Distribution is one of the ba...

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...inues to increase each year, and we need to have a system in place in order to meet demand. If fish farming happened to end, I believe it would bring about higher prices at the market for quality food. If markets started to supply low quality food, it could lead to customers catching harmful illnesses. At least with fish farming production, buyers can easily distribute quality products to consumers.

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