Essay on Creating A Positive Black Identity

Essay on Creating A Positive Black Identity

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The black identity is a construction in society that is slowly escalating in progression involving numerous variables that can have effects in relation to other social groups. It is understood as a social, cultural, historical and structure transient to create a group or individuals from the relations with others (Brock, 2007). Creating a positive black identity in society, is a major challenge because the fashion and consumer industry obscures to which it is not approved. The relationship between black identity, education and culture are intense, unsteady and plural processes, constituted by social subjects throughout cultural, social relations and history. The identity is important to remember the relationship between the past, present and the future as to the memory and history, it does not happen by opposition to white but by negotiation, dialogue and conflict. In this essay I will be focusing on a young photographer Juliana Kasumu, who takes pictures that symbolise Black a black upbringing especially children. She focuses on the beauty of being a black person and how society should be without the social media deceptions and standards on how a person ‘should’ look.
Juliana Kasumu at the age of 23 is a young British photographer and artist discovering herself as an ‘old soul’. Through her photography she started to explore artistic methods to increase creativity and become profound and multifaceted to whom she is. She believes that her camera is her cultural identity by discovering what is to be a woman in this generation and knowing the meanings and values to be a young black woman and native in the 21st century. As her cultural background is from Nigeria which their family are along with an arts and creative career in to s...

... middle of paper ... women especially teenagers and under.
To conclude I agree society has changed over fifty years ago within black people’s rights. They are allowed to vote and have the same equal rights as white people do. Social media shows what beauty and perfection should look like too us. I was browsing at fashion magazines at WHSmith and other magazines stores. Most magazines directed towards black people are placed at the top instead of the front with Vogue and many other popular beauty and fashion magazines. It is still an issue that today’s society rarely bothers to notice. However, I have tried relentlessly to contact Juliana Kasumu and ask her a few questions about the pictures she took and what influences her to create images even though she has not updated her blog or other social network except Instagram that she has been busy with her work and exhibitions in London.

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