Essay Creating A Plan For Life

Essay Creating A Plan For Life

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Creating a plan for life can benefit in numerous ways creating a path to take and allow to to stay on track to accomplish the goals to make your plan a reality. The plan can consist of many key concepts in life such as a job, family, and the elements in life that make you happy such as being an outdoorsman that keeps you sane from your daily job. I believe that having a life outside of work is what makes you happy and not the job itself unless you career it with the ideal job of your dreams then you have completed the perfecta. Based on prior examples, I have found that the majority of my family or friends did not ultimately succeed in getting their dream job and had to settle just shy or no where near that specific job, but they all have one similarity as one another and that is they take advantage of their life outside of the work place to balance out the dream. There are many different ways in reaching your chosen career path, some do not require a degree, but most do making it difficult for the majority of people to find a way to stay happy. Knowing how to take advantage of your non-business life is what I think is most important in living a healthy and successful life.
There are many ways to form your life the way you want, but some forms are best to be kept the way they are in order to succeed. Maintaining a strong relationship with your family and friends is beyond important in your path to success. Having support like that is one of a kind and can not be mangled as long as you stay in touch and are always there for one another. Maintaining a healthy life style is a must, and you wont make it down the path to far if you fall short to due to depression or sickness. Being able to battle your way through hardship is what ever...

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...ting new people to join me. I should be able to take home about 50 thousand a year after taxes which isn’t a fabulous amount but having a smile on your face every morning you wake up to go to work pays for itself. This amount will definitely keep me happy as long as I have a roof over my head and season tickets to the wild (If it doesn’t cost anything extra of course).
Before high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until I began to learn and develop certain traits that lead to me wanting the dream job of working for the Minnesota Wild. I believe that my odds of landing this job are some what difficult but I will strive for it no matter what gets in the way. Building a plan is what will help me stay on track and not detour through life even though these detours are bound to happen, but I will be prepared for the times they do occur through my plan.

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