Creating A Gender Fair Classroom Essay

Creating A Gender Fair Classroom Essay

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Claim: Creating a gender-fair classroom is extremely important to me, as well as to our society. Attending school in Georgia for most of my education, and getting to finish high school in Michigan opened my eyes to a lot of differences within the education system of both states. I believe that because our state is stepped in the traditions of football, big guns, and good ole boys, it is even more important for us to instill beliefs of gender equality in our youth. When I am a teacher I will work tirelessly to insure all of my students are treated as equal, and understand that this is the way others should be treated in their lives.

Evidence: There are many things that can be done within the classroom to counteract gender bias. I plan to self evaluate often and make sure I am incorporating these ideas in my classroom throughout my career.
• The easiest aspect to control in my classroom should be me, however this requires taking a good look at myself often. I will need to examine my thoughts, beliefs, actions, and most importantly my disposition. I need to make sure that I am treating all students fairly, and not hindering anyone 's success.
• I will praise and criticize all students equally and fairly. Praise and critique will still only be given when deserved but I will keep a tally sheet to insure I am praising boys and girls in the same way, and the same amount.
• When choosing additional texts for my class I will do a thorough review of each to insure they are gender bias. If the texts I am required to use are biased I will confront the bias with my students. I will teach them the forms of bias from stereotyping to cosmetic bias. (Pg. 120)
• When guest speakers are brought into the classroom I will insure that students are...

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...e on their education.

Opinion: It is not always an easy task to keep a gender-fair classroom, but it is vital to the success of students, the community, and to myself as the teacher. I know that I have a difficult road ahead of me, eventhough I don’t consider myself to be a bias person. I do feel like each of these ideas will help me on my journey, and most importantly I am aware that there is still much to learn. I will continue reading and professional development in gender equality. (Pg121) I will also suggest gender bias workshops to my school. I think this subject is especially important in Georgia, and throughout the South, where our traditions are so steeped in sexism. Regardless of how to teachers perceive their classrooms, I believe everyone could use help in this area. We owe it to our students to create the best learning environment possible for them.

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