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The process for creating a film requires many people and a lot of time dedicated to the project, from development to pre-production, production, post-production, and to marketing and distribution, the steps that go into making a film are more complicated than one may think. The entire process begins in the development phase before actual filming, with the backbone of any film project being the screenplay, chosen by those who want to create the movie, the producers. It is the cheapest part of making the movie as well as being the most important aspect, telling the story (Tomaric 5). It moves on to obtaining a legal “chain of title” making sure all rights to the story and ideas are theirs, this is very important to obtain insurance and distribution rights (Fortunato). Once the chain of title is secured, the producers come together and discuss finances, elements within the movie, and all general production. People such as the executive producer deal with raising the film’s finances whereas producers are personally responsible for all elements of production (Fortunato). The producer then partners with a director early on in the process to get an artistic vision of the film and to interpret and translate the screenplay (Fortunato). Agents and lawyers are hired, contracts are signed giving the go ahead, and the film has to have below the line people, above the line people, and studio personnel hired to continue on making the movie. The project is greenlit and ready to continue the process and advances to the pre-production stage where it begins with breaking down a film and assessing the budget (Tomaric 49).
Arguably the most important, and usually twice as long as production would be is pre-production, assembling all the elements int...

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...ef and enter the world they have created. They use visual tricks much like a magician would to please and surprise the audience in order to add to the quality of life, provoke thought, and provide inspiration. Since it is an increasing medium of entertainment and art alike, the filmmaker has many responsibilities on the messages he or she is sending to audiences either subliminally or directly. Art is a necessity in a functioning society, and the filmmaker has the opportunity to to showcase the technological output of a motion picture.

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