Essay on Creating a Diverse Organization

Essay on Creating a Diverse Organization

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Creating a diverse organization requires a diverse culture. Diversity is defined as an individual having variations when compared to another (Linge). In addition, each individual is unique and no physical trait or variation foresees capabilities, behaviors, motivation or achievement (Linge). In a diverse culture, the aforementioned characteristics are embraced. At each level of diversity, the kind that has to do with opportunity and promotion, speaks to an organization’s culture (Daniels, 2004).
As individuals we each contribute talents and skills to an organization regardless of belief systems, language, culture, or places of origin. The wise employer acknowledges these contributions as essential for good business practice. Today’s organizations must be able to achieve and maintain diversity in their workforces. Not doing causes missed opportunities and negative outcomes.
The following information report delineates some aspects necessary in creating a diverse culture. The information provided is obtained from 50 best companies for minorities and other sources. Many minority-friendly companies have set an example in creating a successful, diverse culture. It is essential and beneficial for the employer to regularly remind employees in working towards diversity. I truly believe that our organization can benefit from a more diverse culture by full engagement of these aspects.
Efforts to Hire, Retain, and Promotion of Minorities
As Fortune’s list of the 50 best companies for minorities illustrate, these firms make efforts to hire, retain, and promote through the ranks. A simplistic thought on achieving these efforts is rooted in placing value and in nonessentialist thinking described below. Corporations shou...

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...ionship with our organization that not only respects their values but reflect themselves (Guffey & Lowey, 2011)


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