Creating a Culture of Excellence Withing an Organization Essay

Creating a Culture of Excellence Withing an Organization Essay

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Culture of Excellence
High standards of care are expected by patients and families regarding any type of health care. Creating a culture of excellence within an organization is needed to increase patient satisfaction and improve patient outcomes. This paper will examine a hospital that is creating a culture of excellence within the organization to ensure theses outcome. Committees within the organization have been implemented to examine all aspects of the hospital, and its operations to receive input to create change. This corporation is implementing high standards of care and practice that provide a culture of excellence. Reviewing current articles to understand what defines excellence, and the importance it has on an organizations. This paper will also summarize and analyze the interview of a unit manager involved with implementing a culture of excellence. Also this author will discuss nursing theories and standard of practice that lead to the evaluation of this particular topic. This paper will also look at how the author’s journey through the bachelors program has changed her nursing profession, and the opportunities it will open in the future.
Project Description
How do we define a culture of excellence and then achieve it? “Excellence, by definition, means a state of (high) quality, superiority, eminently good, superior or first class”(Wiggins & Hyrkas, 2011, p. 1). Most health care organizations depend on reimbursement from private insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, private pay, and investors. Reimbursements for Medicare/Medicaid depend partially on patient satisfaction, which is evaluated through Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). These surveys evaluate all aspect of the patie...

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...thor has learned valuable tools to ensure optimal communication and listing is done with everyone she encounters. The opportunity she has had to develop new skill and enhance old ones has created many new opportunities for her future.

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