Creating A Collaborative Culture Within An Organization Essay

Creating A Collaborative Culture Within An Organization Essay

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Creating a collaborative culture within an organization is a skill that the leadership must offer if the leader expects the team to accomplish goals and objectives. This assignment requires students to report on two positive outcomes at the organizational level; which, leaders have successfully created a collaborative culture.
It is important that collaborative team and organization put emphasis on people at all levels; because, if this does not happen, organization get into trouble if they do not collaborate with others and respond readily as members of the total team ( Dyer, &, Dyer, 2013).
The first experience occurs in my position as a Campaign office manager. The included the team leader and eight team member. The leader created uncertainty among the team members, did not want to share information, controlling and competing for positions, and disrespected team members. The leader was reassigned. The new leader implemented the following steps to create a collaborative culture. Established rapport, stated goal expectations, assigned tack, encouraged accountability, listen to team members, trained team members to embrace and understand diversity.
The team was not accomplishing any goals because there was no cohesive within the organization. The leader did not have a clear direction or vision. Finally, when the new leader arrived the team members weres inspired work together for the common goals and collaboration was activated.
The most significant impact on the companies ' collaborative culture; was the team members were enthusiastic about collaborating. The new leader was transparent, willing to listen, respected the team members and invited members to be respectful toward each other and encourag...

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...pect successful outcomes in creating a collaborative culture; leaders, should just “be quiet and shut up for a bit and let people hammer out ideas.”

Leaders in the first and second experiences are similarities and difference in their leadership style. Both are coercive leaders. They demanding immediate action from team members, and lack effective communication and did not support collaboration. The attribute they shared is both leaders did not respect differences within the team. On the other hand, the leader in the first experience refused to adjust the leadership style and to accept the opportunity created a collaborative culture. However, the second leader was motivated to create a collaborative culture.
Finally, in a collaborative culture, people openly discuss issues, respect differences, and work as a community to achieve institutional objectives.

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