Essay about Creating A Basketball Program For The Youth

Essay about Creating A Basketball Program For The Youth

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Today’s society aims to keep kids off the streets and to get them into good environments. This goal is easily achievable with a 75 inch, symmetrical, orange globe—a basketball. The Federation of International Basketball Associations, or FIBA, states that over 450 million people in the world, from professionals to amateurs, play the game of basketball. The popularity of basketball is skyrocketing in the 605 with the help of two prosperous colleges in the city: The University of Sioux Falls and Augustana University. I play ball for the USF Cougars and am just one of the fourteen members who strongly believe in the motive to serve. Therefore, creating programs to help children in need around the area through basketball activities would be largely beneficial. Due to its power to unify, basketball could not only help kids find a passion, but save many of their futures.
Why is creating a basketball program for the youth the best way to give back to the community? Well, there are many reasons why creating any kind of program would be beneficial, but basketball specifically carries a lot of power. Most consider the sport of basketball to have the highest exponential rise in popularity of any sport. This is because the game requires communication, respect, and interaction, all of which would help local kids have a fun experience. These three components are just a few of the many mental benefits from a basketball league or program. Learning how to interact with others would be a huge help for children who are not in great family situations. This can allow them to make friends and connect with entrusted adults. They can learn how to respect trainers and referees, which will lead to them respecting teachers in the classroom.
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... of service is the USF basketball team’s main goal. Whether it is helping players on the court or off of it, the University of Sioux Falls will always maintain the basis of service.
I was raised in a basketball family; accordingly, my father was shaking with excitement with a mini basketball in his hand, waiting to hand it to me out of the womb. Being bred to be a “baller,” I was involved with many programs. While most of my friends and fellow athletes were learning new moves and techniques, I took something much different out of the programs. I realized the impact of serving. This epiphany led me to serve at more than 15 different community centers around the Midwest. More importantly, I affected hundreds of kids throughout my high school career. This inspires me to make an impact by creating my own program with college teammates—a dream of mine since my youth.

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