Creaive Writing: Nessa's Reply Essay

Creaive Writing: Nessa's Reply Essay

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Nessa entered Zen’s office right after he had shouted loudly into the intercom. “You called?” she said with a subtle smile on her lips. Unlike the others who wet their pants in his presence, Nessa showed no fear for this man; she respected him in a way. Even though most people feared him because he had ruthlessly killed the previous leader—his own mentor—Nessa saw a man who understood the concept of human evolution. The weak will die and the strong will survive, it was a classic theory. Approaching his desk, Nessa set a file folder down on it and pushed it towards Zen. “Even though my plan to analyze the makeup of the artifacts to find the other two missing ones have failed, something interesting has come to my attention,” she began as she pulled out her cell phone and began tapping away at it. The lights soon turned off on its own and the shades closed, causing the room to become pitch dark. Pointing her cell phone at blank wall and video began to project from out of her phone and onto the wall.

The video that played was of a few of their low ranked henchmen who were securing and ...

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