Essay about The Crazy Family By The Movie, Parenthood, And The Story Of My Family

Essay about The Crazy Family By The Movie, Parenthood, And The Story Of My Family

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The Crazy Family I Was Born Into
My extended family tends to be insanely different from my immediate family. Comparable to the movie, “Parenthood,” my family has a variety of distinct types of parents and children as a result of the parents’ methods. The way parents treat their kids can mold their personality. They can either reflect how their parents treated them, or act like the complete antithesis of their parents. The storyline in “Parenthood,” and the story of my family’s life are quite alike.
First, there is my dad’s side of the family, or the Duffy crew. The Duffy side is surprisingly ordinary. I don’t know of many people that can say that about their families, but I believe my dad’s side is as normal as any family can get. He has three sisters and is also the third born just like myself. Family get-togethers are usually calm because we only have twenty-two people in the family, which incorporates two great grandchildren. Everybody fits comfortably in one house for all of our family events, which is perhaps the reason the Duffy side is so normal and calm. The only crazy...

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