The Crash Of The Night Awoke The Old Man Essay

The Crash Of The Night Awoke The Old Man Essay

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A crash in the middle of the night awoke the old man. As he slowly descended the stairs he saw that his favourite chair had been torn along the side, and his floor was scratched in a pattern that showed erratic movement. The scratch marks lead underneath the rug. Tired from the sudden awakening, the old man decided that whatever was in his house left because there was no signs of anything under the rug, so he retired back to his bedroom.
The next day the old man went downstairs and saw exactly what had happened in what he thought was a dream. The scratches and the tear in the chair, it was all there. He went to go pick up some supplies from his closet to clean up the mess but when he had returned it was all clean, no more scratches and his chair looked brand new. He then went on with his day believing that his mind was playing tricks on him.
Two weeks passed and it happened again. On his way down this time he tried to not make as much noise to scare off whatever awoke him. when he arrived at the bottom of the stairs he noticed a lump in the middle of the rug. He knew whatever it was it didn’t belong in his house so he picked up the chair beside him and lifted it above his head. As the old man swung down the chair it went straight through the lump and without a second to realize what had happened the chair kept moving and went through the floor as well. The old man easily lost his balance and went down with the chair into the mysterious hole that had formed in the middle of his house.
Everything went dark and suddenly the man forgot everything that had just happened. Until he was blinded by a light and heard a dull voice that echoed in his head.
“Wake up sir, we have to clear off the deck because of a sanitary issue.”
Tired and u...

... middle of paper ...

... he shook until he could get somebody’s attention because when he tried to speak he heard nothing but a shrivel of sound escape his mouth.
“He’s awake!” someone yelled from a distance.
He heard commotion and people with familiar faces showing up by his bed. He still could feel the sharp pain and went to pull it out but already forgot that he couldn’t move. He tried to move his head to see what was holding him down and he that he was strapped to the bed preventing his arms from moving. Then he looked around and saw that someone had been talking to him and he only heard certain things “coma,” and “ 9 months.” As he struggled to move around someone came over and brushed his head to calm him down he stopped moving to get a good look at them and recognized the woman but nothing came to mind.
As some days went by he started talking and remembering everything from his life.

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