The Craft Beer Industry: Beer Glassware Essay

The Craft Beer Industry: Beer Glassware Essay

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Europeans have been particular about what glass to serve their beer in for years. Since the craft beer industry in North America is booming in volume and the number of styles, it is only logical that craft beer be presented in the best glassware. This report provides reasons as to why the shaker pint (or cocktail glass) should not be used as the dominant glassware of choice for craft beer.

The average customer thinks that the shaker pint glass is an acceptable choice for consuming craft beer from. The vast majority of customers are unaware that the shaker pint is an extremely poor choice to serve craft beer and to not use this glass. By using this glass, customers will never truly have the best beer experience based on their beer style and choice.

History - Shaker pint glasses were used by bars and restaurants as the glass of choice since the 1980s because they were inexpensive and in abundance. This caused a cycle of misinformation as the craft beer industry started to develop.
Customers ordering craft beer in these establishments trust their servers as the experts on not only what they should order but what glass it is served in. The servers at bars and restaurants assume the shaker pint is suitable for craft beer because that is what they have always been told. When customers receive their beverage in a shaker pint glass they won’t look to question a server’s glassware use to serve their beverage. This cycle got adopted as the norm.
Breweries would put their logo on the shaker pint glass as a marketing strategy to entice customers to repeat purchases.

Other Solution Attempts - Aside from blogs and websites, my research hasn’t yielded more public means of educating th...

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