The Cpa Journal : Professional Journal Aimed At Public Practitioners, Educators, And Other Accounting Professionals

The Cpa Journal : Professional Journal Aimed At Public Practitioners, Educators, And Other Accounting Professionals

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The CPA Journal is a broadly recognized professional journal aimed at
public practitioners, management, educators, and other accounting professionals. The New York State Society of CPAs has published the journal on a monthly basis since the 1930s. The journal takes a focused and in-depth look at issues affecting the financial world and provides analysis, perspective, and debate on such major topics as accounting, auditing, taxation, finance, management, technology, and professional ethics. Their stated goal is to provide CPAs and other accounting professionals with the information and news that enables them to be successful in today 's practice environments. Unlike non-academic articles, the articles published in the Journal have passed through a strict review process known as a double blinded peer review conducted by experts in the field of accountancy before being published. Because accounting is the language of business, to remain competitive and valuable to clients, CPAs will need to continue to keep abreast of changes in the business world. The CPA Journal is a key tool in this quest.
A perfect example is the March 2015 issue. At first glance, the reader may believe he or she has mistakenly picked up a literary magazine, for the reader’s eyes are drawn to a colorful picture of a detective holding a magnifying glass and a strong headline that states, “The Past, Present, and Future of Forensic Accounting.” “More often the stuff of a Raymond Chandler hard-boiled detective or a Cold War-era secret agent, the crime-fighting, mystery-filled life of a forensic accountant is miles away from the "bean counter" accounting stereotype (16).” However, the introduction should not be misleading, for the authors use of figurative lang...

... middle of paper ... the Journal, it still is not enough to guarantee automatic acceptance of a scholarly article to be printed for public review. The high quality standards set by the Journals editors is only one reason that anyone in the accountancy field will find benefit in the pages of The CPA Journal.
Accountants work in high-stress environments where missing one detail can mean high costs for businesses down the road. In today 's business environment, there is a constant need for continuing education. In fact, if the past few years are any indication, the need will only continue to increase. The CPA Journal offers the highest technical quality and material relevant to CPAs in public practice, industry, government, and education. The Journal is a critical component for those who seek to stay update on the constant changes facing the accountancy industry now and in the future.

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