Essay about The Cowboy Code Of Honor

Essay about The Cowboy Code Of Honor

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old western mission while following the cowboy code of honor and his romantic ideals along with his lifestyle are all put to the test. It is the story of John Grady Cole living his dream as a cowboy where his true grit is tested and Cole’s survival seems questionable at multiple times throughout the story with encounters he faces. John Grady Cole does not know what exactly is waiting for him along his eventful journey.Early on John Grady Cole loses practically everything that he once thought would be his. Cole 's grandfather dies early just as Hamlet’s father died except Cole’s grandfather wasn’t murdered. Cole nevertheless did lose the land that was once his grand father 's. Cole’s mom who had left his father was still entitled to the property. John Grady Cole 's mother sold the property and left her son with nothing, except his horse. “Some things in this world can’t be helped”.(McCarthy 6) This quote came from the earlier section of the book when John Grady is trying to find a way to convince his mom not to sell the farm that has been in his family for decades so he himself can keep it in the family name. The lawyer Cole has tells him there is nothing possible that he will be able to do for him. Cole and Hamlet both have a tragic flaw which fuels the story with tragedies and various predicaments throughout. Tragedy whether it is the Greek tragedy or Shakespearean tragedy you need to grasp the fact that tragedy is the suffering one goes through and the relevance the suffering shares to his or her destiny. So it goes.
People all have ambitions and dreams, and Cole having very large and vast ideas leaves his life behind unconsciously. John left his home and set off on his quest picturing it as one of those the mythical cowboy ta...

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...aim that “John Grady Cole remains a hero, albeit shrunken and sensitive--perhaps the ghost of a hero, a hero victim to anachronism. Most moving and tragic among John Grady 's heroic traits is his refusal to bow to fate, his insistence on personal responsibility.” Even with that being said is clear to see that Cole is still in search of his place in society when riding off in the ending section of the book. Cole comes to realize that the world is not a very easy going place, it’s very tough and brutal and will beat you to the ground and keep you there. Cole has experienced that, however, and proved himself relentless. So to be able to judge Cole on completing the dream is almost impossible. There will always be that new mountain that gets in his way and Cole will have to be judged not on his fulfillment, but his testament to following his cowboy code.

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