The Covenant Of The Bible Period Like Moses Essay

The Covenant Of The Bible Period Like Moses Essay

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According to the website, general meaning of covenant is when two or more parties who come together to make a contract, agreeing on promises, stipulations, privileges, and responsibilities.
But when it comes to Old Testament, Covenant refers to two or more parties bonded together. For instance, legal treaties between kings and subjects existed during the Bible period like Moses, Joshua.
The website illustrates Noah as the faithful covenant man who received the covenant from God that grace, redemption and restoration will be maintained in his family.
Jesus conditions for Covenant were everyday spiritual fellowship with God, living a blameless life among the fellow human beings.
Website #2
This website explains five different covenants God made with Noah, Abraham, David, Mosaic Covenant and Covenants of Christ. The Covenant with Noah illustrates the God’s faithfulness to Noah and his family. Since he was the only faithful person lived in the Earth, God saved him from the Flood. Similarly, David and Abraham were also obedient to God and God made a covenant with both of them by promising blessing to their descendants because of their trustworthiness to God. The covenant with David fulfilled by the birth of Jesus Christ.
The Mosaic covenant includes the Ten Commandments God given to the Israelites and the reason for the Israelites deliverance from Egypt is because the Covenant God made with Abraham and his descendants. Finally, the Covenant of Jesus Christ based on his death and resurrection and the cleansing of sins through Jesus’s blood.
Website #3
This website explains that the Bible itself is a covenant that is Old and New Testaments are actually Old and New Covenants. God deals with Humans through Covenants and his Covenant promi...

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... 6:4-5). Therefore, I need to obey God’s commandments and walk in his ways to achieve the eternal life as God promised the blessings to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Secondly, I would take the Bible as a covenant in my life. God gave the Bible for his people as a Covenant, in order to live a holy life according to Bible. Therefore, God’s children should read scripture daily to study what God’s commands and to apply in daily life. As a child of God I usually read the Bible daily for my personal spiritual growth.
Another example for Covenant from my life is, as a Nursing student I do have a covenant with the CARNA (College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta). Nursing students are supposed to make an agreement with CARNA that, they will meet the practice standards and practice competencies with the CARNA and then only one can graduate as competent nurse.

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