The Court University Attracted Me With A Social Science Program And Its Close Knit Community

The Court University Attracted Me With A Social Science Program And Its Close Knit Community

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Georgian Court University attracted me with its excellent Social Science programs and its close-knit community. Automatically, I was welcomed with open arms to GCU and I was submerged in its warm environment. At first, it seemed as though I would be completely on my own with no support from anyone; that I had to fend for myself. Currently, I have come to realizations that at an Institution like Georgian Court, I am never alone. There is always a Good Samaritan around every corner. While being here, there were many learning experiences that applied to many aspects of my life. With the diverse courses that this university offers, I was able to broaden my horizons academically. At times, the work was unbearable, but it made me a stronger student. The large amounts of writing that I have done this semester has strengthened my confidence in writing, despite the topic. At times I still struggle to put effort into my school work, than anything else; but organizing my priorities makes easier. On a personal level, I have learned different things about myself and how to put my goals first. This course has taught me that I am capable of exceeding my own expectations. Giving up is not an option; I can achieve my dreams through persistent work and focus.
I found myself struggling with this course because I am not accustomed to online courses and I fell behind. Although I struggled, there are many other things that i gained from this course. I learned about the Sisters of Mercy and how Georgian court came to be. I was able to really focus on the Mercy Core Values which are respect, integrity, justice, compassion, and service. The lesson on the core values allowed me to think about how they apply to my life. This course taught me everything th...

... middle of paper ... relationship with current students will ease the difficulty in learning and understanding the new environment. Familiarity with the environment is vital, as it will help me to navigate the system with ease. Negotiating and integrating myself into the system would mean total comfort and ultimately succeeding in academic, social, and in the physical environments.
In summary, I found this topic to bring it all together for me. Transitioning into a new environment, whether it is a school or job is not the easiest thing in life. Having the right tool or resources would make the process less complicated and foster success. Initiating that initial contact with significant people who will direct me to the basic information that is vital to my success. I believe that this topic will help me to cope better next semester. I feel more enthusiastic going forward.

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