Essay on The Court 's Treatment Of The Trial

Essay on The Court 's Treatment Of The Trial

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In this assignment, I will analyze what are the court’s views on the accused rights, as well as the court’s treatment of the defendants during trial proceedings. In this paper, assuming the accused is ultimately sentenced to a term of imprisonment; I will show the most likely experience a defendant will have within the country’s prison system. I will give you my observation about the country’s prison system. I will expose two ethical concerns I witnessed regarding the country’s court and correctional system. I will provide one recommendation I believe that needs to be changed within the court and correctional system.
The Rights of the Accused is a class, of constitutional and civil rights which is granted to every person that is accused of a criminal act. These rights are put in motion when a person is placed under arrest and accused, whether they are innocent or guilty. Which are customarily based on the thought of innocent until proven guilty, which is a segment of the due process. They are contained in the Bill of rights within the Constitution. A person that is charged with a crime is insured that the procedures are just. When an individual is accused of a crime they become a criminal defendant. The authority has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, before they incriminate and punish the accused for an offense.
In the United States, the Constitution was made with the idea that all people will have constitutional rights. The Constitution outlines the way government research, litigation, and discipline criminal actions. These rights are included in sections of the amendments. All of society is protected under the Sixth Amendment, which states they are entitled to a lawyer, or support of counsel. ...

... middle of paper ... this could help prisoners, to reintegrate back into society. Provide counseling for alcoholics, drug abusers, anger management, and life skills for these individuals, I believe this will help with recidivism rate. In today’s society criminals are an ongoing problem for any community. How we deal with them after their incarceration is another problem. It’s my opinion, they have paid their debt to society, but how many times does a community have to give them a chance to reintegrate, back into the community with precautions? If we incarcerate a person and don’t teach them what it take for them to be a positive member of society, I believe they will return to the same course of action that put them in their situation in the first place. The recidivism rate will keep growing and the overcrowding of prisons will keep increasing for futures to come.

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