Court Room Procedures Are The Focal Point Of A Trial Essay example

Court Room Procedures Are The Focal Point Of A Trial Essay example

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Judges, prosecutors, defense council and juries are the focal point of a trial. The following will show each of their roles in the courtroom and the importance of these roles and how they are perceived by the media compared to my own view.
Judges preside over criminal and non-criminal proceeding as an impartial party to the evidence and arguments presented by the defense and prosecuting attorneys. His or her role as a judge in a jury trial is to act as a mediator between the defense and prosecution ensuring proper court room procedures are being followed to guarantee that a fair trial is administered. Judges are charged with hearing testimony, arguments and viewing evidence determining what is strong enough to support proof beyond reasonable doubt and passes judgment of guilt or innocents based on facts presented (Judges Role in Court, n.d.). Similarly, juries will take on the judge’s role in a trial by jury to determine proof beyond reasonable doubt of prove guilt or innocents. Judges in any case can remove testimony, statements or evidence from any portion of the trial if he or she feels it to be not in accordance procedure, not pertinent, bias, corrupt or weak. Last, once a defendant is convicted the judge determines a sentence and/or imposes fines that fit the crime committed. Judges are usually limited on how much or how little fines, probation or incarceration is imposed on a convicted individual based on state law and the crime itself. However, judges can agree to lesser sentencing if the defense council presents a sentencing plea or if the judge determines a lesser sentence is warranted based on the facts in the case (Role of the Judge, n.d.). The role of a judge in a trial is important to ensure the defendant r...

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... the end the judge made the correct decision in allowing the death penalty to be an option based on what he believed to be. The article portrays the judge as a neutral party that made a decision based on evidence and not hearsay (Kiefer, 2015).
After looking at the different roles and how the media portray each I find myself best suited as a defense attorney. Although I have no real desire to work in the court system I find it gratify to attempt of actually bring justice to victims. I find it outside my moral code to defend someone who appears clearly guilt of a crime. Being a judge would also be hard because it is up to him or she to decide what evidence is admissible in court even if he know it would prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of a defendant. Especially if the police or prosecution was the main reason evidence was not admissible.

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