The Course Learning Outcomes Of Writing And Designing Essay

The Course Learning Outcomes Of Writing And Designing Essay

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Throughout this course, I greatly improved my writing through the projects I did in this course and successfully fulfilled all the course learning outcomes of writing and designing, reading and analyzing, researching and documenting, and the use of technology and media. This course helped me improve my organization in my writing and helped me learn to be more specific to help get the point of what I needed to communicate across faster. The following sections demonstrate how I fulfilled the course learning outcomes and how I grew as a writer through this course.
Writing and Designing
The first learning outcome, “Writing and Designing,” states that we must demonstrate the ability to write effectively as individuals and in teams in the standard genres of technical writing. Throughout the course, most, if not all, of our assignments were based on what a worker would have to do in a corporate environment. Thus, are projects were based on writing memos, resumes and cover letters, technical instructions, and reports. As time went on, my writing moved away from the creative writing I did throughout my career as a student and begin writing as a professional whose main task is to get to the point. This was clear in the beginning where we were tasked to write a course application email. In the email, my first line was, “I strongly urge you to accept me into the ENG 3050 Technical Communications course.” If I had not read how to write a memo before I sent, I would’ve filled the email with pointless content attempting to make the memo flow. Similarly, in the introduction for my project plan memo, I wrote, “The problem that I would like to research for my technical report is the graduation rate at Wayne State. More specifically, I’d like to ...

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...ce in my writing, composing different documents, using technology to enhance my writing, and doing primary/secondary research to support my claims. By fulfilling the course learning outcomes and working through the projects in this course, I learned two important things: how to communicate in a professional environment and organization in my writing. Without taking this course, I wouldn’t have understood the necessary the proper mechanics and style of how to communicate in a professional environment. By writing the memos in this course, I will successfully be able to do this. Also, as I stated before, I now know how to be specific in my writing and organize in such a way that promotes understanding and efficiency in reading. With the tools that this course has taught me, I will be successful in future corporate endeavors involving writing reports, memos, and emails.

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