Course At University And Graduate With A Business Degree Essay

Course At University And Graduate With A Business Degree Essay

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Academically I have studied business since GCSE to A level and I wish to pursue this course at university and graduate with a Business Degree. I am a determined and studious individual who is willing to further my education the reason I have chosen business as my career path is because I am very ambitious and intrigued about the subject as this is the sector where all the money lies.
The world lives around business as its base foundation of society, trading and supplying goods in order to meet demand and profit from this service. I believe I have the potential and determination to become a successful business man or to apply my skills in this area, as i am open minded, knowledgeable and capable of over coming obstacles. However I wish to further my education and study this topic more in-depth. I 'm sure by going to university I will be able to learn and experience many new things. My perceptive of economics and ICT will also support me towards this path as both interlink with business, having studying these subjects at A Levels, I understand the importance and use of IT systems and ...

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