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My most courageous moment that I can recall occurred when I used to skateboard. There was a skate park on Main Street in Sultan which had several obstacles that allowed skateboarders to perform a variety of tricks. There were three main types of tricks you could do at the local skate park; The Drop, The Grind, and The Jump. In The Drop, riders climb to the top of a steep ramp then ride down, quickly picking up speed. In The Grind, you would gain enough speed and balance on a steel beam as you skid across it quickly. The final and most difficult trick was The Jump; during The Jump riders accelerate rapidly down a ramp and then jump off a ramp and into the air.

After several weeks I had mastered all but one of the tricks; The Drop. The Drop had always terrified me because the first time I attempted this trick I landed awkwardly and badly hurt my leg. I never had to guts to try it after that. A month or so later after my leg had fully healed I started to think more and more about The Drop and whether or not I should try it again. I started to see ramps everywhere I went, and imagined racing down them and jumping into the air magnificently. I also found myself getting distracted in class because I was daydreaming about completing the most epic of leaps. However, I was still crippled by fear when I contemplated actually reattempting this stunt since it had ended so disastrously the first time. I eventually built up my confidence and told myself that I simply must go back, and try successfully perform this trick successfully at least once. So one warm, sunny day I packed up my skater gear and walked back to the park. I felt the balmy sun beating down on my face and it felt as if each sunbeam was encouraging me an...

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...’t even care about skateboarding much anymore, but I am still filled with a sense of pride that I was able to overcome my fears and accomplish the goals I set for myself. My knee still has a bit of a scar that reminds me of my courageousness every time I see it, a true badge of honor. This experience helped me to learn that even achieving small goals can really fill a person with a sense of pride. I look around and see people accomplish incredible feats all the time, maybe it’s something as big as winning the ASB President election, or maybe it’s something as simple as improving your quiz score; regardless these are all achievements that should be celebrated and things we can be proud of. Truly, no achievement is too small to be celebrated. As J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series says, “Achievable goals are the first step to self improvement.”

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