Couples Should Live Together Before Getting Married Essay

Couples Should Live Together Before Getting Married Essay

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Couples should live together before getting married because they can get to know each other on a closer, more personal level. Living together before making your vows is a way of reassurance a lifelong commitment. According to Alexia Elejalde- Ruiz, “there have been research for decades of studies which show that living together before their marriage leads to greater risk of marital discord and higher rates of divorce. (Elejalde-Ruiz, 2010) Couples tend to go into cohabitation without communicating the implications and expectations for the future. However, research gives proof about how married couples who cohabited prior to engagement tend to have poorer communication, satisfaction and commitment that their counterparts stated by Stanley.
By providing deep insight into a person you can’t get in any other way, including infidelity and trust issues, said by Paula England, a professor of sociology at Stanford University. These people are taking risks either way, and so easy to cut out all tithes with one another after everything has gone wrong, instead of working them out. How would you get to know your significant other if you don’t get a chance to live with them? However, you do not really know whether you want to marry this person if you are living in two separate homes. There are many questions that need to be asked; wondering about each other trust. I do not really agree with the whole so called shacking up being used as a term that we learn from the elders, but I would call it living with the person I love deeply. People can only hope for the best to see if this person is who they want to spend the rest of their life with. There will be a lot of compromising and other things as a couple that you have to do when one doesn’t wan...

... middle of paper ... much you would miss out on getting married.

Some people think that you should not have sex before marriage, this seems to be the part where the communication part takes place to know how one another feel about taking it to that step, because some or if any goes by their religion; and you must show respect to their decision based on religion.
Conclusively, there are so many things that are possible while living together, because honestly, I do not think it is a right or wrong all because you want to get to know your significant other in other ways. Couples realize that it is a major step they are taking and that have to be prepared to take what comes along with him or her. Honestly, you should live the life you have always wanted. Be happy regardless, take on the experience of living together to see if each other have their priorities together.

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