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County State Of Georgia And The United States Essay examples

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McIntosh County is a county located in the U.S. state of Georgia. The County seat is Darien. In 1971, the population of Darien consisted of 1,800 individuals with few public office edifices, restaurants, library, etc., however, Darien was progressing because it was connected to the pretty busy main road U.S. 17. McIntosh County was a mini Las Vegas, it offered liquor, drugs, gambling, women, among other things.
The population of McIntosh was comprised of whites and individuals of color. “Blacks,” as they are called in the book, made up half the populace and lived in an area between the woods and the marshland. The area was pretty undeveloped, compared to the rest of McIntosh, where residents primarily lived in old buildings once used to house slaves or sharecroppers.
Most whites lived in Darien. They lived in soft blue, pale green, or yellow wooden houses, with birdbaths and day lilies in the yard. The white citizens not only owned and controlled all businesses in Darien but they also had the authority to elected, appointed, salaried, and professional office and position.
Tom Poppell was the sheriff of McIntosh county and he ruled over it with great power for many years. Poppell let his citizen know of his power in many ways. Some would say, “You weren’t scared when you saw him coming, but you could feel the power.”(2) This power was evident in the society, and many people admired him for it. Poppell certainly knew what was best for his county and how to keep it running efficiently. Furthermore, Poppell kept the peace among white and black communities, he “cared less about the colors black and white than he did about the color green” (14) and employed black deputies.

2) Thurnell Alston was born in McIntosh County in May 19...

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...ts struggle to a coastal backwater in 1970s. In addition, he initiated the voting rights lawsuits, fought drugs and introduced medical clinics, plumbing and running water to “a forgotten county needy in every way. In the eyes of the black community Thurnell was an incredibly commissioner that did everything he could for his race and for the County. However, the white people did not like Thurnell and they only put up with him because he was the new commissioner. They thought he was just as corrupt as the rest.
Thurnell’s life dropped off after his followers became less and less involved in politics and also after the dead of his youngest son. After the death of his son Keith, Thurnell was drawn to the night life and neglected his wife and children. Furthermore, in 1988 Thurnell was convicted on drugs charges and sent to a federal prison camp to six and a half years.

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