Essay about The County Sheriff 's Office

Essay about The County Sheriff 's Office

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The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office located in Florida, which established in 1847. During that time, it was the first legislature of Florida enacted a law that the Sheriff are to be elected every two years in counties throughout the state. In Hillsborough County, in particular, had selected John Parker as the first sheriff, he was a Seminole Indian war veteran. After that, that time the sheriff’s office had been functioning as a one-man operation (“HCSO 1845”). Subsequently, the tenure of Sheriff Parkers’ the county had expanded into a full-service law enforcement agency with more than 4,000 officers, correction deputies, and as well as civilians. Ove the years, the organizational structure and design base of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has developed into a modern progressive law enforcement.

The Hillsborough County current chief law enforcement officer is Sheriff David Gee, who had been elected in office since 2005. After Sheriff Gee had taken office, he made many changes in the sheriff’s office in ensuring that the sheriff readiness for new progressive law enforcement. Moreover, “Sheriff Gee initiated the inception of Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) into the Office, and the results are proving substantial” (“HCSO, Gee 2005”). As he realized that there was a need to restructure the organization to (ILP) approached, and thus crime rates have been dropped tremendously over the years. Also, ‘Sheriff Gee has shepherded the Office with a command staff dedicated to the values of integrity, professionalism and community involvement” (“HCSO, Gee 2005”).

In examining the organizational chart of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, the structure reflects the methodology of “the principle of hierarchy” which require ea...

... middle of paper ...

...g one of the largest in the nation, which highlights why there are support functions in assisting the public. An example is the “Line and staff structure” features which are also helpful, especially in helping commanders in the field as well as the community, and other operational support. Besides, “The Mission of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is to serve, protect, and defend the community while preserving the rights and dignity of all” (HCSO, Gee 2005).

In conclusion, the organizational structure and design base of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office has gradually evolve over time, and particularly the command structure is an epitome of an organization that keep thriving in protecting its citizen. The sheriff has enormously embrace the necessary chances which had been proven to effective in making the sheriff’s office one the best agency in the nation.

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