Essay on County Profile on Shasta, California

Essay on County Profile on Shasta, California

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Shasta is a county located in the northern California, and was established in 1850. The county was named after Mount Shasta and was derived from a name of an Indian tribe. Shasta County has a total area of 3,847.44 square miles reaching from the Sacramento Valley to the southern reaches of Cascade Range. This county is famous for its wonderful outdoor destinations. Many visitors were attracted by the county’s natural beauty, numerous restaurants, and a variety of shopping areas. In this research paper, I will discuss about general demographics and socioeconomic status of Shasta County breaking down into age and ethnicities. In addition, I will also elaborate on the public health services and programs available to individuals in this county. Shasta County actively provides collaborative services to protect and improve their resident’s health needs.
According to the United States Census Bureau in 2012, Shasta County estimated a total of 178,586 people, compared to the 38,041,430 total population of California. A projection stated the fact that population in Shasta County increase annually with an average increase of 1 percent, and now stated to be the 30th most populated county out of 58 counties in the state of California In Shasta County, the population is comprised of 5.7% kids under the age of 5, 21.8% children under the age of 18, and 18.1% people the age of 65 and over. The largest Shasta racial and ethnic groups are White with 88.9%, following that isHispanic or Latin Origin with 8.9%, American Indian and Alaska Natives of 3.1%, Asian 2.7%, and lastly, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander by 0.2% (United States Census Bureau, 2012).

In the above socioeconomic status data from the County-level data sets of 2013, it sh...

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...sign communities to support outside activities, like hiking, biking trails, or increase any type of opportunities for physical activity in schools and community. Shasta County should also promote eating more fruits and vegetables each day, or whole grain products, to limit the amounts of calories, saturated fat, sugar, and salt in your diet. These balanced diet and physical activity will help people to maintain longer and healthier life. In addition, most importantly, Shasta County must support enforce programs targeting alcohol and tobacco sales to minors, reduce children’s exposure to alcohol and tobacco advertising, and prevent intervention for alcohol abuse. Shasta County should also promote designated driver programs, and advocate better safety engineering of motor vehicles are great recommendation to decrease injuries and deaths due to motor vehicle crashes.

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