The County And City Of Chicago Essay

The County And City Of Chicago Essay

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Gage Park is number sixty-three of seventy-seven neighborhoods that make up the city of Chicago. According to the Chicago Park District (2014), the Gage Park area received its name in honor of Commissioner George Gage who was a respected prominent business man and attorney in the late 1870’s. Located on the southwest side of Chicago; Gage Park is a community that is known for its cultural history and diversity over the years. Many different races have lived in this community from the time it was developed, and this trend continues to evolve. As mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Chicago (2005), the Germans first settled in Gage Park in mid-1800s. Later in the 1920’s, the area became populated with the Polish population who migrated for employment. This area consisted mostly of a white populace between the 1920’s and in the 1960’s. During the 1990’s there was a transition to a large Hispanic population settling within the Gage Park community. As stated in the Chicago Neighborhood and City Guide (2010) the current main population is Hispanic which represents eighty-nine percent of the areas residents. We noticed during our visit in Gage Park that Hispanic culture, values, and traditions are evident throughout the community.
Gage Park is a small community who’s demographic is similar to a lot of communities within Chicago, but yet unique in its own way. The area has many small businesses along its streets including small restaurants that serve a variety of authentic Mexican food. We determined from speaking with community members that these establishments are usually family owned businesses which also mostly cater to the residents of the community. Most of the advertisements displayed in this neighborhood were in Spanish and English...

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...k, we desired to identify every resource available to people living in the Gage Park neighborhood. After searching Google Maps and other similar references, we found 11 additional resources classified as grocery stores/supermarkets. The majority of these are small corner stores that offer basic food items, but nonetheless, they still sell fresh produce and meats, which are essential for healthy diets.
In addition to grocery stores, we also researched other restaurants we may have missed during our windshield survey. We found many small authentic Mexican restaurants, a few pizza places, and a barbeque restaurant. Many of these are scattered along the two main streets running through Gage Park, 55th St, running east and west, and S. Kedzie Ave, running north and south. The majorities of these restaurants seem to be fast food establishments and can be increasing the

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