Essay about The Country 's Drug Trafficking Organizations Since Taking Office

Essay about The Country 's Drug Trafficking Organizations Since Taking Office

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Mexico is part of a corrupt culture—a culture which the general public has come to terms with. They have become used to the style of living and the culture of corruption rather than stand up and fight against it. And although the Mexican government has promised its people an end to the drug war and its violence, the corrupt government, the narco-economy, and poverty allow for the violence and corruption to continue to flourish.
President Felipe Calderon has undertaken great measures in undertaking the country’s drug trafficking organizations since taking office. The policies which he enacted created progress during the first year in office. Calderon not only increased military presence in Mexico’s urban areas, but he also increased publicity for his antidrug efforts. “ Federal agents stormed a Mexico City mansion and nabbed $207 million of alleged meth money. It was the biggest cash bust anywhere in the world… Calderon was earning his reputation as the Eliot Ness of Mexico” (Grillo 115).
And although it has only been within a short time period that the implementations of these policies have had been placed, they have produced significant results in the fight against the cartels.

More than seven hundred officers have been convicted for bribery, murder, and kidnapping. When Calderon took power, he continued Fox’s footsteps on dealing with the cartels. However, after President Calderon’s declaration of war against the drug cartel, the situation only worsened.The Mexican drug cartels have power because of the amount of corrupt law enforcers. The Zetas, a technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico, is made up of mostly old government officials and police officers. Cartels intimidate and...

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...exicans unemployed. Those who worked in foreign owned companies, like Frijoles parents, made six dollars a day. Which left millions of Mexican families in poverty
Despite the horrific death toll and corruption, the drug war has several functions. One, it is an economic benefit on the narco-capitalism, which has an affect on the entire Mexican economy . The drug war also benefits the United States as it gives it the opportunity to intervene with its military and business interests in the affairs of Latin America. Fighting drug trafficking and promoting the law will never be an easy task— even less so in Mexico— a country’s who 's neighbor to the North is the worlds largest consumer of drugs. And with a long history of weak institutions
Mexico must invest in money to build a criminal justice system that will apply the law against violence, corruption, and poverty.

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