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The Country of Qatar Essay

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Qatar is one of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, an area of 11,437 Km2 and a length of 161 Km and its capital, Doha. It is a sovereign Arab emirate, located in West Asia,It has land border with many Arab countries. (Kenneth,2013). Qatar want to promote many tourism and that why they hosted the world cup in their country and at the first time the world cup hosted in Arab country. Qatar prepared for the world cup many things to wonder the truisms. The world cup called (FIFA) it is an International Federation of Association Football, Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Currently heads of the FIFA is Joseph Blatter (Farklex, 2014). FIFA was founded in 1904 in Paris and It features 207 football federations in the world. FIFA is responsible for all the organization of footballs big international tournaments and especially world cup. FIFA has many sponsors like Adidas, Sony, Emirates and Hyundai Kia Motors. Although Qatar had a very real dangers in its weather because it is very hot in the summer, blatter and FIFA still chose Qatar because there are many prominent FIFA personalities they may benefit from profitable economic interests in the middle east. In German magazine( Die Zeit) he admitted that European leaders recommended their voting members to vote for Qatar because they have economic benefits with this country, two of the biggest names are former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and UEFA president (Kenneth,2013).This act called bribery and this is not good because they cheating to help the Qatar to host the world cup . For instance, Issa Hayatou and Jacques Anouma were paid $1.5 million to vote for Qatar. When Qatar hosted the FIFA , the people faced many problems. For example, the weather and bad working conditions, so Qat...

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...and allow them to take reset not working daily and in hot weather.

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