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The Country of Chile Essay

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The country of Chile stretches around 2,500 miles from the bottom of South America to the Tropic of Capricorn. This vast area gives Chile multiple climates because of its reach from the tropics to the Antarctic. The Pacific Ocean with the Humboldt Current, and the Andes Mountains also influence Chile’s climate. The climate can be broken down into three main categories: subtropical deserts, temperate rain forest, and tundra. The main catastrophic natural disaster is occasionally earthquakes, or tsunamis.
Generally the climate cools as you move south through the country. The Pacific Ocean holds the temperatures in a moderate range so that there are not dramatic temperature changes between seasons.
The subtropical deserts of Chile are mainly in the northern reaches of the country. The land is known for its aridity. This area is home to the Atacama Desert, which sees little to no rain most years, and is known as the most arid desert in the world. In the desert there are extreme swings in temperature from day to night. The day typically ranges from 30-50 degrees Celsius, and at night down to -15 degrees Celsius.
A range referred to as “Little North” is a transitional zone between the Northern desserts and the temperate rain forest zone. This is a semi-arid region that has some irregular precipitation but most humidity is from fogs caused by the Humboldt Current. The average temperature for this region is 14.7 degrees Celsius.
The Central region is home to a Mediterranean and temperate rain forest climate. This area has the most moderate climatic conditions and more precipitation, especially rain, compared to other regions. This area has the most defined seasons. The cold season is from May to September, and the hot season is from Oc...

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