Essay on Country Lovers versus The Necklace

Essay on Country Lovers versus The Necklace

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It is amazing how two short stories can be so similar but yet so different even when it comes to marriage and gender roles. These particular literary works involve creative writing between the two stories that are being referred to would be The Necklace and Country Lovers. Both these stories are set in different places and keep the readers wondering throughout the story what the ending result is. "And to even consider writing a literature that centers on this topic is truly fascinating and attention-grabbing to any readers, especially to those who are aware of American History and the heightened racial tension between the African Americans and the Caucasians in the South" (Study mode).Country Lovers is a story based on forbidden love between an African American woman named Thebedi and a Caucasian male named Paulus. Paulus is the owner's son where Thebeti and her family worked at on the farm. While The Necklace is a story based on a middle class couple whose wife dreams to be rich. Even though writers is interested in different themes they focus more on the content, form, and style because it engages the reader's thoughts of their paper.
In The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant the husband "Monsieur Loisel is content with the small pleasures of his life, but does his best to appease Mathilde's demands and assuage her complaints"(Spark Notes). By any means, Monsieur will do anything or try to do anything to make his wife happy. Mathilde the protagonist who's a stunning lady with beautiful looks who feel the need to be rich, so she stays dreaming of what her life would be like as a rich lady. Although she was not rich, but mid class she did have a rich friend that she stays away from because of the simple fact that she was not as fortun...

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... matter of the circumstances if the baby was mixed with different races or not. While The Necklace was more about a lady trying to live above her living means.

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