Country Development: The Rapid Development of China Essay

Country Development: The Rapid Development of China Essay

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Choose between Environment Protection and County Development

Since China economy reforms began in 1970s, China has entered into a stage of rapid country development. According to World Bank’s report in 2001, Chinese average economic growth is close to 9% per annum over last 25 years. However, a series of problems on environment has also arisen relate to the rapid growth, and air pollution is one of the most serious issue that China is facing right now. In this essay, I will discuss when facing air pollution that brought by rapid growth in China from 1970s, Chinese government should be focus more on environment protection rather than country development. In the following, I will discuss the major reason that cause air pollution in China and after that, we will see what Chinese government could do to prevent and resolve air pollution issue in three approaches.

In order to reach high level of development in economy, China is under a high pressure of energy consumption from industry and population, which is damaging air quality in China as well as people’s health. “Roughly 30% of its GDP is devoted to physical investment…Chinese industry investment share is very high compare to other countries.”(Qin & Candidate, 2008) Also as the country has most population in the world, energy demand in China is always increasing, especially in mage city like Beijing and Shanghai. Fossil fuels and coal are the main source of supply of China’s electricity, according to a University of Leeds study, Coal burning is the major cause of air pollution in Beijing and surrounding areas. (The Problems of Air Pollution, 2012) As a result of high level energy consumption, PM 2.5 level has become the major concern in China which is the result fossil fuel and c...

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