Essay on The Counting Calories Assignment On Nutrition Labels

Essay on The Counting Calories Assignment On Nutrition Labels

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The counting calories assignment, yielded interesting results that on a typical daily basis I would not have thought about. Throughout the assignment, where I kept track of what I ate for five days, and keep a record of the calories I consumed on a daily basis. I predicted that my average calorie intake daily, would be relatively the same as the rest of the population if not a little higher. Going into it I was interested to see the sort of results I would have, and to be able to understand how healthy my eating habits were.
My average calorie intake for those five days was about 1775, it was much lower than I expected. Part of the reason I thought that may have had to do with the percents on nutrition labels are derived off a 2000 calorie diet, so I was expecting something more in the 2000s range. Even still 1775 is close to that, so it is not that far off. I remember when I started that I was concerned with how much calories I was consuming for breakfast on the first day, because I still subconsciously held the belief that foods with high number of calories were unhealthy. Once I...

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