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*Note: information concerning the formation of the CTU is fictional
Terrorism is one of the greatest concerns of the 21st century. It is a method that has been embraced by many groups with many different ideologies. It has the potential of causing major devastation, especially with the specter of acts of nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorism. There have been many references by both the media and politicians to a “War on Terror,” and if we are to characterize this as a war, it is a war with an ill-defined and changing enemy, no front lines, and a war that is fraught with moral dilemmas. In this committee, we will simulate the other side of this battle – the terrorist groups that exist throughout the world. This committee will be composed of representatives from each of the terrorist groups described in this background guide, with the exceptions of ETA and FARC.
Purpose of Committee
As a result of efforts to form an effective Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) composed of major powers throughout the globe, the leaders of many terrorist groups have determined to similarly increase cooperation in order to defeat the imperialist West and the increasing Westernization and demoralization of the world. Compared to previous attempts at international cooperation, this CTU is a serious attempt to combine forces at an international level and destroy our ability to put up resistance. As a truly worldwide effort, it will have the credibility and resources to succeed where previous Western efforts have failed. This new CTU threatens to take away what little sovereignty we have left while drowning our cultures and beliefs under the tide of Westernization and liberalism. No longer can we allow our governments to be puppe...

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“Lashkar-e-Taiba.” South Asian Terrorism Portal. SATP, 2001, Web. 25 May 2010. .
Bajoria, Jayshree
Bajoria, Jayshree

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