Essay on The Count of Montecristo by Alexander Dumas

Essay on The Count of Montecristo by Alexander Dumas

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“I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, more than pride.” The Count of Monte Cristo is a novel written by Alexander Dumas that tells the story of Edmond Dante a 19 year old sailor. The story begins with Edmond arriving into port with the news that he will become a captain of a ship, he is also engaged to a beautiful woman named Mercedes, Edmond is very well liked and has faced success early in life this causes jealousy between Edmond and three other men Danglars, Fernand Mondego, and Caderousse. Danglars the treasure of the ship Edmond was just appointed captain of becomes jealous purely for the reason that Edmond has become so successful at a young age. Fernand has become jealous of Edmond because of Fernand is in love with Edmonds fiancé Mercedes. Caderousse, Edmonds neighbor, is jealous of Edmond because of the fact that Edmond is so much luckier than Caderousse. Together these three men, Danglars Fernand and Caderousse, make a letter accusing Edmond of the act of treason. Edmond is in fact carrying a letter for the recently deceased captain of the ship to give to a group of Bonapartist in Paris so even though Edmond himself is not a Bonapartist, the task is still enough for him to be tried for treason. The prosecutor, Villefort sees through Danglars, Fernand and caderousse’s plan and decides not to send Edmond to Jail until Edmond reveals the name of the intended recipient who is Villerfort’s father. Not wanting to jeopardize his own career Villerfort sends Edmond to jail for treason. While in jail Edmond begins to think about suicide and falls into a depression. Edmond then begins planning his way to get revenge on the men who wronged him beginning with his plot to escape jail. Edmond Dante begins as a...

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...king revenge on the three men. This is important because it shows that Edmond has gone from happiness to despair to now anger. Edmond then purses the men and their family eventually succeeding in destroying them and their families.
The novel the count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas is a story of happiness, despair, and revenge. Edmond Dantes is a man who has faced a lot in his life including the love of his life leaving him, having his father die while he is in jail, and having to waist 14 years of his life in jail even though he is an innocent man who committed no crimes. Edmond Dantes goes through many changes in The Count of Monte Cristo, He begins the story a happy man with little worries in life, Edmond is then sent to jail where he faces despair and even thinks about suicide, once Edmond escapes jail he truly begins his anger filed spree of revenge.

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