Counselor Ethics And Responsibilities Of Counselor Essay

Counselor Ethics And Responsibilities Of Counselor Essay

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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities
The purpose of this paper is to examine the counselor ethics and responsibilities when working with a client that has different values and beliefs then the counselor. The counselor will not disclose her personal values or beliefs when assisting the client, nor will she judge the client for their decisions. Counselor will reference the American Counseling Association code of ethics to make her decisions.
Counselor Values
The counselor should first talk to the client and gets a little bit more of information regarding their religious and why the parents are opposed to her decision. The counselor should not disclose their personal values to the client because that can make the client feel uncomfortable with their decision. According to ACA A.4.b, “Counselors are aware of—and avoid imposing—their own values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors…” Therefore, the counselor should respond to their client that she respects her decision and if the client believes that having an abortion will be better outcomes for her then the client should proceed with their decision. A counselor’s attitude towards the client should not change at all because the client decides to have an abortion.
The counselor should provide support to the client by having a family session to hear what the parents think and get a better understanding of their faith towards abortion. Once the family session is over the counselor will have a better understanding of the family. The counselor should not be against or for the client in a decision of abortion. There can be a lot of ethical issues if the counselor, shares their concerns of the client decision. The counselor can inform the client that she cannot help her change her parent '...

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...ock. The counselor is responsible for the client chart at all times. The counselor is responsible to get all consents sign including assessment, care plans and progress notes. According to lecture 4 “A counselor’s responsibility to protect client rights is generally documented through a series of forms signed by clients.” Therefore, all information should be documented and signed by the client and remains confidential.
In conclusion, the counselor was able to help her clients and guide them with the proper resources. Counselor made the ethical decision following the protocol and consulting with colleagues when need it. The counselor did her best for the interest of her client. During session counselor did not disclose her personal beliefs or values to the client. Clients were able to make their own decision using their value and belief for a better outcome.

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