Counseling Theory And Practice, Social, And Cultural Foundations And My Internship Experience

Counseling Theory And Practice, Social, And Cultural Foundations And My Internship Experience

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When I first thought about this competency and all the nuances and complexities involved, I was very excited as I have a profound interest in learning about theories which govern our work as counselors. Moreover, I believe they play an essential role in one developing a greater understanding of how the field works as well as provide us with the knowledge needed to apply ourselves effectively. Integral to meeting criteria for this specific competency I believe were the courses of helping relationships, counseling theory and practice, social and cultural foundations and my internship experience. Upon discovering that the course counseling theory and practice was offered online, I became very scared and nervous as throughout my life I have been very apprehensive about online learning. This course experience however, proved to be a very positive one as the learning style incorporated was very interactive and allowed me the opportunity to look at the counseling process from different viewpoints as a result of reading others thoughts on specific theories and concepts encapsulated in counseling.
Within the field of Counseling, there are many theoretical frameworks purported by varying renowned social scientists and researchers incorporated within the therapeutic process and services offered to individuals experiencing psychological distress. Of great importance to the counseling process however, is that of establishing a counseling relationship with clients. Without having a collaborative counselor-client relationship, counseling is ineffective and futile. The ACA Code of ethics, 2005, outlines the counseling relationship as the first component of focus within its principles. “Counselors encourage client growth and development in ways t...

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..., knowledge acquired through reading and completing critical annotations and scholarly papers, firsthand experience gained from internship through working with individuals and families and through observing other mental health professionals consistently whenever the opportunity arises.
Despite being satisfied with my growth in this competency, I would like to develop a greater knowledge and understanding on counseling theories by enhancing my reading and seeking guidance when bombarded with discombobulating thoughts surrounding approaches. Through acquiring such knowledge, would enable me to hone into specific populations and become more versed at applying relevant approaches to assist clients with enhancing their mental health. I felt challenged by this competency somewhat but believed it played a pivotal role in me becoming successful in my internship experience.

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