Counseling Psychology And The Counseling Process Between The Therapist And Client

Counseling Psychology And The Counseling Process Between The Therapist And Client

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In counseling psychology, there are many tools and therapeutic treatments including assessments to help the counseling process between the therapist and client. According to Hays (2013), “Assessment is beneficial in counseling because it provides information for both counselors and clients so they can understand and respond to the client concerns as well as plan and evaluate programs” (p. 6). Among the many assessments that are being used, there are evaluations focused on personalities, intelligence, abilities, and careers. In particular, personality assessments have flourished since the beginning of the 19th century, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Big Five Factor Personality Tests among many others. Not only are these tests popular, but they are self-reported assessments that can be taken online for convenience as well.
According to Hays (2013), “The MBTI is based on Jung’s concepts that different types of people have differences in perception and judgement” (p. 264). MBTI has four dimensions that help identify the manner in which people prefer to use their capacities for perception and judgement. The four dimensions include extraversion versus introversion (E-I), sensing or intuition (S-N), thinking or feeling (T-F), and judging or perceiving (J-P) (Hays, 2013). It is common for an extrovert to prefer to use their energy towards the outer world of people/things while introverts are the opposite. Furthermore, people who are “sensing” prefer to rely on their senses as their mode of perceiving while “intuitive” individuals rely on perception coming from the outside world. As for individuals who are considered “thinking or feeling” people, prefer to absorb data through either sensing or intuition. Lastly, ...

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...sults described the professions to be scientists, engineers, lawyers, judges and many others similar professions. It was also insightful to learn that INTJs make up 2.9% of the population as well.
While I evaluated both tests, the only discrepancy I found was the difference position of being an introvert or an extrovert. Bearing in mind, that I fell in the “average” range in the first test as an extrovert and was considered a 13% Introvert in the second test, I accepted that I fit on fence between the both. Considering my own perspective of my personality traits and comparing them to the results as a whole, I actually feel understood. I feel each characteristic suited me well enough that I was able to accept who I am, without feeling guilty, confused and misunderstood. I am very pleased with the results and grateful for this opportunity to learn more about myself.

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