Counseling Is The School Of Thought That I Identify With The Most Essay

Counseling Is The School Of Thought That I Identify With The Most Essay

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Counseling psychology is the school of thought that I identify with the most. As I transition to graduate school and begin a social work program, my ultimate goal is to become an independent counselor. There are five primary reasons I chose counseling which I will explain in the pages to follow. First, the closest alternative I considered to counseling psychology was clinical psychology, but I am less interested in working consistently with clients who suffer from severe mental illness. Currently, I have extensive experience working with folks who face these obstacles on a daily bases and am looking forward to advocating for increasing the quality of their care and depth of the services they receive, especially here in Idaho, but professionally I would prefer to focus more on improving the quality of life for people whose mental functioning is normal. Second, while working the mentally handicap is certainly important, working with patients who function normally also provides a forum that will lend itself to make a larger impact on the greater population. By becoming an expert on treating these clients, perfecting my skills to maximize effectiveness, and building relationships to build a positive reputation in the industry, I will be in the position to improve the quality of care and the psychological reputation in Idaho. Third, when considering the clinician versus research debate, while you cannot have one without the other, if there is not enough people acting as clinicians research is all but useless. Additionally, after taking statistics and advanced statistics it is clear to me that I am not cut out for the minute detailed oriented work that is required to be a successful researcher. While I do enjoy being part of t...

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...armful cognitions, which blends the two philosophies into one highly effective approach. Part of the human experience is making sense of one’s experience and drawing conclusions from the experiences to understand who we fit in. unfortunately, it is human nature to be hard on ourselves and when we are too hard on ourselves those conclusions could turn into cognitions that are harmful to one’s experience. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is fascinating and important because it can help people correct their harmful cognitions that are negatively effecting their experience. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the theoretical orientation that I plan to base my career as a counselor on. There has been overwhelming research that points to the effectiveness of the therapy and is endorsed heavily by insurance companies making it a very effective and practical method to practice.

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