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    When I was a teenager, I felt sad that my peer students or adults in my hometown committed suicide because of stress. Many tragedies could have been prevented if there were resources available. Counseling services have emerged in China; however, it was reported that less than 2% of the 200,000 individuals who had obtained counseling certificates actually conducted counseling services (PKUBOSS, 2012). One of the reasons would be lack of qualified counselor educators and supervisors who can assist these new counselors to grow and to fulfill their clients’ needs (PKUBOSS, 2012). I hope I can do something to assist more Chinese to receive qualified counseling services to improve quality of life. To equip myself with research capability, advanced counseling knowledge and skills, and ability to help other helpers be effective, I want to pursue a doctoral degree in Counseling.
    I had worked with domestic violence perpetrators part time for five years. I believe my experiences of overcoming language and cultural barriers learning to work with this population will be beneficial to me in the future role as a counselor educator. It was very difficult for me at the beginning; my site supervisor did not trust my ability to lead a group by myself. I took the feedback, sat in the group observing how my supervisor led the group, learned the therapeutic language, developed my own counseling approach, and most importantly, I learned a culturally adaptive way to work with my peer counselors and supervisors. After intensive learning through practice and supervision, I grew and I made significant progresses: the program assigned me to work at Troy Municipal Court as their court representative, and I have been able to lead the group independent...

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    I long for an opportunity to further study mental health counseling or community counseling in Old Dominion University’s Counseling Ph.D. program. I was a good student both in my undergraduate and graduate’s programs, where my grades were usually the top 5% in my classes. I have had good relationships with my peer students and mentors. I will be a serious student in my Ph.D. program as well. Upon completion of my doctoral degree in counseling, I want to obtain a teaching and researching position in a higher educational setting either in the U.S or in China. I would like to be an excellent counselor, and be able to assist other counselors to deliver high quality of counseling services to improve our clients’ quality of lives.

PKUBOSS, (2012). Counseling development in China. Retrieved Nov 18, 2013, from

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